Miss Morrison’s Second Chance

Second chances are often the best. Twelve years ago, long-time sweethearts, Verity Morrison and Bradford Pemberton, were torn apart by a vengeful act of Verity’s jealous sister. Refusing any other suitors, Verity has descended into spinsterhood at the family estate, her heart broken. After being disgraced and exiled to foreign…

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Curse of the Exile

COTE WEB PROMO medium“CURSE OF THE EXILE is a traditional Gothic mystery reminiscent of the best of Victoria Holt and Virginia Coffman that no lover of Gothics should miss. A courageous heroine, 1860s Scotland, two handsome brothers, a moldering castle, an unknown villain bent on a horrid vengeance… delicious! A perfect book for curling up with for a long enjoyable trip to the past.” Carla Renard, The Literary Lady

After an unhappy childhood and a cruelly broken romance, Angelina Barstow has found a kind of respectable life working as a librarian with her charming but womanizing father. In 1860 they come to the Scottish castle called Merlon Motte, where the owner and his much younger brother are sharply divided on the necessity of selling the place. An ancient sword is stuck into the ceiling of the Great Hall and family legend says it was put there by a long-ago exiled son, who promised to curse anyone who endangers the castle. Angelina regards this as just a charming family story until the prospective buyer is murdered, the Sword of the Exile driven through his heart.

In spite of herself, Angelina has fallen in love, but though she loves one and sincerely likes the other she doesn’t know which of the brothers is the murderer. She thinks things can get no worse, but then there is another, more shocking death when her father is found drowned and the prospective buyer’s friend, the same man who so tried to dishonor her years before, says he intends to make her his mistress by force if necessary. Two more long held secrets threaten Angelina and her beloved before the Curse of the Exile is finally lifted.

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Family of Strangers

FOS WEB medium - newOrphaned and widowed within weeks, Linnet MacLellan journeys to Scotland to seek the protection of her late husband Duncan’s kin. Instead of the happy home and loving family she hopes to find, she meets hostility and disbelief. From the moment that the telegram to Jura House announcing her arrival goes astray and she is almost run down by an unknown rider Linnet is drawn deeper and deeper into problems.

To compound her emotional distress Linnet finds that her late husband’s brother Dougal is his exact twin, while the two aged aunts who raised both boys detest her and want her gone. Simon Fordyce, their closest neighbor, inhabits the Castle, the palatial house the MacLellans regard as their rightful home. The MacLellans regard Fordyce as an interloper and intend to reclaim the Castle, no matter what the law says. To make things even more hostile, Fordyce is intent on putting a mill into the valley in direct contravention to the traditional farming industry Dougal wishes to revive.

Tension reaches a fever pitch as both men determinedly court Linnet, then matters take a much darker turn when someone starts making attempts against Linnet’s life.


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The Egyptian File

TEF WEB mediumMelissa Warrender is trying to solve the strange death of her father, an art-gallery owner. A specialist in 17th and 18th century European paintings, Melissa knows little of the Egyptian artifacts her father loved and even less about the business of acquiring them. Melissa receives an unexplainable phone call which may or may not have come from her late father directing her to retrieve a mysterious file hidden in Cairo. What Melissa does not realize is that she is not only a prime suspect of a special task force set up to stop antiquities smuggling, but a target of her father’s chief rival.

David El-Baradi is a professor of Egyptology in London, in Cairo on sabbatical to help the task force. Unexpectedly, he must masquerade as a taxi driver who befriends Melissa and is surprised to find himself attracted to her. David cannot reveal his true identity, though, especially when they learn that the mysterious file might lead to an unimaginable treasure. As the pair lurch across Egypt, unaided by the compromised task force and ruthlessly sought by the murderous son of Warrender’s chief rival, they try to decipher the cryptic clues of THE EGYPTIAN FILE.


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Passion’s Choice

PC WEB mediumWhen she accompanied her aunt on a tour to Egypt, Elissa McLaughlin expected only a week of sun, sand and ancient monuments. She certainly did not expect to find herself back in the dangerously tumultuous time of the woman Pharaoh Hatshepsut, nor to be regarded as a pleasure woman by a handsome general, and most certainly not to be flung into the center of political intrigue simply because she has an astonishing resemblance to the pharaoh’s daughter.

At first Elissa’s only thought is to get back to her own time, but as her attachments to the general and the pharaoh and the land of Egypt itself grow she is torn between the life she knew so far in the future and the life and love she is finding there. As the country erupts into chaos with the invasion of Thutmosis III in his attempt to take over the throne he regards as rightfully his, Elissa and her love are caught between the warring factions. To save their lives she is forced to make Passion’s Choice.


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The Fair Amazon

FairAmazon RESIZEDGeorgina Montcalm’s life is in ruins. Her father and brother dead, she has slaved to save her family estate while waiting for her longtime love Sir Trevor Longchamps to return from the Peninsular War. When he does return, though, it is to tell a haggard and exhausted Georgina that he has fallen in love with another. While riding away her megrims in a strange red fog, Georgina accidentally rescues two young sprigs of the Ton from a highwayman. One of them immediately falls in love with what he calls his Fair Amazon.
Hearing of young Longchamps’ outrageous behavior, Georgina’s godmother determines to find her a good match and brings her to London. Georgina becomes a Toast of the Ton, known to all as the Fair Amazon. Trevor realizes his heart still lies with Georgina, but by that time the Fair Amazon is besieged by everyone who matters. A continuing maelstrom of misunderstandings and cross-purposes almost results in scandal and broken hearts, but justice is served and true love eventually triumphs.


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LACEY WEB PROMO medium (1)Miss Lacey Chyngford’s late parents eloped and so were banished and disowned from their families. Now her grandmother, freed from the restraints of an overbearing husband, has tracked down the orphan and brought her back. Raised with a freedom of mind and having worked as companion to a strong-minded old woman, Lacey does not fit easily into the constraints of the Ton. Her aunt, uncle and cousin do not want her there, each for their own reasons. Lacey tries to conform to the new role that is her lot, but sometimes does not succeed. Complications abound when she falls in love with the man earmarked for her cousin, and is urged into a relationship with the man her cousin truly loves. Then a revenant from her family’s past changes everything, making Lacey learn the true meaning of duty and the strength of true love.

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Paperback : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lacey-janis-susan-may/1013933061?ean=9781941520000


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The Jerusalem Connection

TJC WEB medium“The Jerusalem Connection is a must-read. It has everything – romance, danger and a sense of place and time that are simply spectacular. All the different elements come together to make an exciting, well-written story.” Melissa Danford, Reading Registry

When their original leader falls ill choir director Robin Sabine reluctantly agrees to accompany six teenagers to a musical competition in Jerusalem. The simple purchase of a souvenir for her boss’ wife plunges her into a nightmare of danger, kidnapping and almost certain death. The unexpected appearance of a former boyfriend turned enemy unnerves her, and the attentions of a suave, sophisticated British diplomat turn her head even as she wonders if she can trust him.

After her unscheduled shopping trip in the Old City Robin discovers that there are a number of people inordinately interested in her movements. Her room is searched. She has difficulties with the competition. Neither man in her life trusts the other and after being ruthlessly kidnapped, Robin realizes that a number of people – including her teenaged charges – believe she is a spy.

Conflicting loyalties and the specter of international terrorism make her doubt everything she ever thought she knew. Worst of all, the teens who have been put in her care disappear even as Robin’s own life is threatened. If she is going to survive and rescue all entrusted to her, Robin will need all the wits and courage she can muster.


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Shadowed Legacy

SL WEB medium“SHADOWED LEGACY has it all – romance, mystery, conflicting emotions, great threatening atmosphere and a feisty heroine who can rise above all her tribulations. A splendid read – just be sure you start reading early, because you won’t want to put it down.” Ruth Adams – TBC Reviews

Surviving by singing in the saloons of the remote Western silver camps, orphaned and fiercely independent Genevieve Bonneau is startled when the grandfather she has never met sends cynical, handsome Jonathan Eversleigh to bring her home to his Louisiana plantation, Maison des Ombres.

Genevieve’s hope of finally having a family is soon dashed. Once there, Genevieve’s reception is mixed; her imperious and cranky grandfather does not like her and her aunt positively hates her, but her cousin Charlotte deMarchand and remote relation Sebastien Thierry are welcoming.

Genevieve quickly learns that she has not been brought to Ombres as a welcomed prodigal. Broken-hearted, she desires nothing more than to leave, but strange attacks against her cousin Charlotte make that impossible, almost as impossible as leaving the enigmatic Jonathan Eversleigh. When the attempts on Charlotte’s life come to a climax, Genevieve realizes that all things are not as they seem, nor even as she might dream them, and that if she is to survive she must trust someone.


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The Devil of Dragon House

TDODH WEB mediumIn 1858 young ladies of good family did not take their lives and futures into their own hands. Orphaned from birth, Dilly Farraday has always been shunted all over the South from one unwelcoming relative to another. Too pretty for her current family’s comfort, Dilly decides to go North in search of her mother’s family rather than submit to a distasteful marriage. She has been in correspondence with her cousin Doro, whom she knows will welcome her. Once in Connecticut Dilly is shocked to find that Doro is one of the many young women who have gone missing recently. Undaunted, Dilly arrives at the great crumbling pile of Dragon House. Doro had written about being in love with the master of here. Dilly is confounded that there are two handsome brothers there and neither know anything about Doro.

Dilly is crushed and almost ready to leave when out by the treacherous cliff to the sea she finds a collar that she had made for Doro. She redoubles her investigation, sure now that Doro is there someplace and that she will find her. What she does not expect is that she will fall in love with one of the masters of Dragon House, or that in solving the mystery of the missing girls she will put not only her life but her love at risk.


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Paperback : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-devil-of-dragon-house-janis-susan-may/1013956876?ean=9781941520017&itm=1&usri=the+devil+of+dragon+house


Ebook : https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/the-devil-of-dragon-house

Avenging Maid

TAM WEB medium (1)Miss Phillipa Stanhope-Fredericks is a darling of the London Ton – well-born, high-spirited and beautiful. She is also determined to find out why her little brother died so mysteriously at school, no matter what it might cost her personally. Geraint Catton, new history master at St. Gregory’s School for Boys, knows there is something odd about the new scullery maid. She is too beautiful to be a lower servant and her good breeding is unmistakable no matter how she tries to hide it. Sparks fly between them, even as the evil at the school becomes obvious. Little do they know that their lives are at risk, or that the misconceptions they hold about each other could be more dangerous than the villain who stalks them. The love that blossomed at St. Gregory’s faces its greatest challenge in the scheming and scandal-loving London Ton, where the secrets that had brought them together would begin to tear them apart.


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Ebook : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-avenging-maid-a-regency-romance-in-which-a-potential-scandal-is-no-obstacle-to-true-love-janis-susan-may/1113883077?ean=2940014968423&itm=1&usri=the+avenging+maid

Paperback : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/avenging-maid-janis-susan-may/1000994761?ean=9781941520116&itm=1&usri=the+avenging+maid


Ebook : https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/the-avenging-maid

The Other Half of Your Heart

TOHOYH WEB mediumCara Waters believes she is living a fairy tale. Handsome ex-football star Buck Tarrant has not only swept her off her feet, he has carried her off to Puerto Vallarta for a romantic weekend, Convinced he is going to propose, Cara thinks life is just about perfect – except for the sudden appearance of Dave Burkhart, a co-worker who has been stalking her. Secure in the knowledge Buck will protect her, Cara gets a hard lesson in reality when Dave brazenly kidnaps her off a crowded street and carries her deep in the jungle. Cara continues to believe Buck will save her, if she can just survive being lost in the jungle, hunted by drug lords and captured by the army, all the while being Dave Burkhart’s prisoner. Everything she is told, though, undermines what she has always believed. How can a girl find the other half of her heart when she can’t trust anyone or anything?


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Ebook : https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id923862309

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Ebook : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-other-half-of-your-heart-janis-susan-may-patterson/1120412135?ean=2940150545649&itm=1&usri=other+half+of+your+heart

Paperback : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/other-half-of-your-heart-janis-susan-may/1101727985?ean=9781941520109&itm=1&usri=other+half+of+your+heart


Ebook : https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/the-other-half-of-your-heart-1

The Land of Hearts Delight

THE LAND OF HEART'S DELIGHT RESIZEDWhen she went to South Texas as a County Home Demonstration Agent in 1940, Aletha Barrett was in culture shock. Raised in the gently rolling green farmland of Northeast Texas, Aletha was unprepared for the vast sandy expanses and different societies she found there. From unearthing baby rattlesnakes to exploring the unknown spiciness of Mexican food, every day was a learning experience. Ever an adventurer, Aletha ventured deep into Mexico when it was largely unknown to North Americans. Over the course of several trips she witnessed what might have been a murder in Mexico City, endured the then-perilous Pan-American Highway at the mercy of a drunken bus driver and stayed in Acapulco when it was a tiny village with just two hotels. In later years, after marrying and having a family, Aletha always said she was going to write a book about her life in South Texas, but somehow the right time never came. After Aletha’s death, her daughter Janis Susan May, a writer and novelist, was going through her papers and found an outline, some notes and a rudimentary chapter or two. Janis Susan had been raised on her mother’s stories and knew them by heart, so working from the notes she completed the book. It was, she says, the best testament she could envision to the memory of a remarkable woman.


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Ebook : http://amzn.com/B004I5BVVA

Paperback : http://amzn.com/1934041149

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Ebook : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-land-of-hearts-delight-aletha-barrett-may/1016993613?ean=2940000122181&itm=1&usri=land+of+heart%27s+delight

Paperback : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-land-of-hearts-delight-aletha-barrett-may/1016993613?ean=9781934041147&itm=1&usri=land+of+heart%27s+delight


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Exquisite Christmas

ExquisiteChristmasCoverWho would have thought such a little thing could have had such horrible consequences?

Damaris pulled a shiny ornament from the box, then looked at it sadly. Of course the first one she pulled out would be one that she and Jeff had chosen together. A silly caricature of an idealized rural church, it had two stereotypical aged hillbillies with raggedy hats and plaid jackets standing hand in hand in front.

“That’ll be us,” Jeff had said. “Old and wrinkled and still in love.” Then he had kissed her.

A tear dropped and splashed on the thin glass. That had been just over a year ago and they had been planning their first Christmas in their new home. After living for years in an apartment they had unexpectedly found the perfect house while on their way to the lake. Jeff had called it a miracle, and it really seemed to be one when suddenly they owned the place within weeks.

Miracle? Damaris thought bitterly. More like a curse. Everything seemed to go wrong once they got into the house.

No. It wasn’t the house that was cursed, it was her.

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Inheritance of Shadows

Inheritance of Shadows RESIZEDAurora Mathis is coming home. Back to Merrywood, an estate she doesn’t remember. Back to the house in which her father died by his own hand. Back to where she witnessed his death.

Charles Mathis captivated millions of readers with a series of eerie fantasy novels before taking his own life when Aurora was just a toddler. Aurora tried to hide from his infamy but now she wants to learn about the man she never knew.

She agrees to attend a convention honoring her father’s work but on arrival is filled with a gnawing sense of unease and soon begins dreaming of the strange, inhuman beings who populated her father’s books. When she starts receiving odd gifts and seeing mysterious robed figures in the halls of Merrywood, Aurora worries she may be losing her mind.

As the days pass and the happenings around her turn from odd to dangerous, Aurora begins to wonder if the magical world her father created may not be completely fictional…


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Ebook : http://amzn.com/B00DJLQAQ0

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Ebook : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/inheritance-of-shadows-janis-susan-may/1108376048?ean=9781426896897


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Lure of the Mummy

Lure_O_Mummy RESIZEDBert Carmody can’t catch a break. As a hieroglyphs translator he’s actually quite good. However, being pudgy, balding and awkward, he’s always in the shadow of his young, charismatic coworkers.

Disillusioned and bitter, Bert spends his free time scouring the markets of Cairo hoping to find an unrecognized genuine artifact for the pittance a scholar can afford. His latest discovery is another piece of rubbish, just another animal mummy—one of literally millions of votive offerings from the ancients to one god or another.

Or is it?

Suddenly, things start looking up for Bert. But as he starts to get the recognition he deserves, there are deadly consequences for his coworkers. Will Bert finally be set for life, or will the lure of the mummy ruin him forever?


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Ebook : https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/lure-of-the-mummy-1

Timeless Innocents

Timeless Innocents RESIZEDWhen Brianna Forte is made executor of the Clerkwells’ estate, she thinks it’ll be a simple task to catalogue and liquidate their assets. After all, they lived very modestly, their only apparent interest in life being a large collection of eerily lifelike little figurines called Timeless Innocents.

Exquisitely crafted yet somehow ominously creepy, the figurines are all different and made of some hard fleshlike material. When a parade of sinister characters turn up demanding she sell them the figures, Brianna begins to investigate their origin—and what she learns will change her life forever…


iBooks :

Ebook : https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/timeless-innocents/id655681805?mt=11

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Ebook : http://amzn.com/B00DJLQ9WA

Audio : http://www.amazon.com/Timeless-Innocents/dp/B008AF2IQG/ref=tmm_aud_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1431138638&sr=8-1

B&N :

Ebook : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/timeless-innocents-janis-susan-may/1109650418?ean=9781426896910


Ebook : https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/timeless-innocents-1