Dec 2014 Newsletter

Okay, it’s long past time, but I admit the old website needs a complete overhaul. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be done now!

I’m swamped in both writing and publishing and so very happy to be so! I sold CURSE OF THE EXILE, a traditional Gothic romance set in Victorian-era Scotland, to Entangled, one of my dream publishers. It’s scheduled for release in the middle of 2015.

Even more excitingly, I have begun my own publishing imprint for the re-release of my backlist as well as brand new self-publishing projects. I chose the name Sefkhat-Awbi Books, which – as both The Husband and I are enthusiastic amateur Egyptologists – resonates with us. For those who are curious, Sefkhat-Awbi is an obscure New Kingdom variant on the name of Sheshat, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of writing.

While a few of my backlist romances have been in limited distribution in ebook format, I am in the process of re-releasing all of them with new covers and – drum roll, please! – in paperback!

My first paper and re-vamped ebook release is a traditional Gothic romance set in Victorian-era Scotland (and it wasn’t planned to coincide with the Entangled sale, believe me) called FAMILY OF STRANGERS. It’s now available at most retailers. Here’s a peek at the new cover –

Stay tuned – I’ve scheduled an Ancient Egyptian time-travel romance, a few more Gothic mysteries (not necessarily set in Scotland, though), a clutch of traditional Regencies, a couple of international romantic adventures and a mystery or two to come.