Happy Spring

Happy Spring! I hope your spring is simply splendid and this year is turning out to be much better for everyone. Mine has been going wonderfully, in spite of The Husband having a few health issues – all of which, I am delighted to report, have concluded happily.

My first good news is that my dear friend Dr. Shelley Kaehr, psychologist and psychic researcher, has interviewed me for her regular podcast as – believe it or not! – an expert on Ancient Egypt! I’ll admit I’ve been interested in Egypt for all my life, and that I do know some things about it, but expert…? I’ll let you be the judge. Here are all the links –

Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/healing-arts-with-dr-shelley-
Anchor: https://anchor.fm/healingarts/episodes/S6E2-Dr–Shelley-Welcomes-Fiction-Author-and-Egypt-Expert-Janis-Susan-May-ept7se

It was great fun, but I do wish my hair had looked better…

Now – my second good news. I am so happy about something that I have to share it. All my life I have had skin that simply eats makeup. Having done professional makeup for TV and film I’m not too bad at it, but never wore much myself, especially eye makeup. I could put on a simply beautiful eye at 8 at by 9:30 you would swear I didn’t have on a bit of makeup. To say it was frustrating would be a gross understatement. It wasn’t so bad when I wore glasses, but after my eye surgery when I didn’t have to wear glasses any longer my lack of eye definition was blatantly obvious.

So – despite my age and a distinct aversion to needles, I decided to have permanent eyeliner put on. To say I was nervous… Yeah. Just a little. <vbg> The Good Lord looked after me, though, and I found the inimitable Vicki of https://vickismakingfaces.com/ who is simply fantastic. Located in the small town of Pantego (between Dallas and Fort Worth in North Texas) she was more than a little bit of a drive for me, but it was more than worth it.

What was the experience like? Well, I’ll admit I’d rather have been eating a chocolate sundae (which is my reaction to most things in life!) but on the whole it was most definitely NOT unpleasant, both in the initial tattooing and the follow- up ‘perfection’ appointment. Vicki is very generous with the numbing cream and there was absolutely NO pain – there were some sensations, yes, but none of them the slightest bit unpleasant. The worst thing was a slight soreness the next day (she does have to pull the eyelid tight to make sure the ink is properly applied, and my eyelids were not used to that kind of stretching) and some redness, making it look like I had had a good crying fit, but within 24 hours all the sensations and reactions, however slight, were gone. If necessary, I would do it again tomorrow – or even this afternoon – to get such wonderful results. Before starting we discussed what look I wanted, and I opted for a very minimalist kind of liner, just enough so I don’t look like a boiled egg when I run an errand without putting on makeup. I’m not a glamorous person, so I figured that was best; after all, when I’m doing a personal appearance or a TV interview or just a big night on the town with my wonderful husband I can always glam up for it.

So – if you’ve ever even thought about getting permanent makeup (Vicki also does lips and all kinds of other things), I’d say do it. The results are simply splendid!
Now, there’s even more good news for my romance readers – my newest release ROMANCE AT SPANISH ROCK is doing quite well. It’s a contemporary romance about a hip LA photographer who to her surprise (shock?) inherits a ranch in the spectacular Palo Duro canyon of Texas’ Panhandle region. What she discovers at the ranch, as well as what she discovers about herself, changes her totally, and that’s not even counting the hunky cowboy from the next ranch…For my mystery readers I’m readying A KILLING AT TARA TWO, the first appearance of contract archaeologist Dr. Rachel Petrie, for release in a few weeks.The story is about a privately funded excavation of an old plantation house in Alabama which – although the expedition was specifically created to find an antique silver tea set – keeps turning up dead bodies, both historic and modern.
It’s a fun book; I liked writing it because I like (1) archaeology and (2) murder
mysteries. More info to come…

Again, I hope your spring is going well, and I’ll be back in touch before too long.