It has been a busy time around here…

I’m working feverishly to finish my as-yet-untitled gothic novella – set in East Texas, of all places – for the serial anthology called A World of Gothic. We’re a bunch of authors who love gothics, so we all got together and are releasing a novella a month. Have no idea how long it will last, but the first two are already out there and mine is scheduled for release in July. Also, have some really exciting news – about something I’ve never done before – but can’t release it yet. Will tell you as soon as I can!

Plus – (add trumpet fanfare here) – I will have TWO releases in June! On June 31 Vinspire will release the first traditional Regency I’ve done in several years, a tasty little tidbit written as Janis Susan May called MISS MORRISON’S SECOND CHANCE. Then on an as-yet-undecided day Sefkhat-Awbi Books will be releasing my new Flora Melkiot book (written as Janis Patterson) entitled MURDER IN DEATH’S WAITING ROOM.


When I wrote EXERCISE IS MURDER a couple of years ago I envisioned a series centered on a crippled ex-police detective turned antique dealer named Rebecca Cloudwebb. Flora Melkiot was supposed to be just a secondary character who might show up in cameos in later books. The series never came to fruition and I went on to other things, but Flora – bless her ornery little heart – never let me alone. MURDER IN DEATH’S WAITING ROOM was the result. Flora has been called ‘the dark side of Miss Marple’ and it’s true. She’s elderly (I’m whispering that because if she hears me she’ll be very upset!), autocratic, fearless and conveniently wealthy. She believes there’s nothing she can’t do and is usually right, even if it means taking down police tape or fighting off a maddened murderer.


Funny thing – The Husband and I took a short jaunt to Las Vegas for a quick holiday (very quick – like four days) and stayed at the Plaza on the Fremont Experience. Flora jumped on me with both feet, demanding a story there. The entire plot – well, maybe 80% of the book – came to me in a rush while we sat at a café eating ice cream and watching the never ending show that is the Fremont Experience. I was wearing only a small fanny pack – big enough to hold only my phone, some money and credit cards (SOOO necessary in Vegas) and a couple of hankies. No room at all for pad and pen. I still remember The Husband sitting at a slot machine playing while I sat next to him, sending emails of ideas to myself through my phone! Small wonder people were staring…


I do have some really exciting news – my March release, A KILLING AT EL KAB, the book we went to Egypt to research, has garnered a great review from – of all places – the University of Leuven/Egyptology on their Facebook page! Leuven is an ancient university, begun circa 1425, and is located in the Dutch-speaking Flanders region of Belgium. Keep scrolling down – an English translation is available at the bottom of the post. Too cool! Here’s the link –




I don’t have the cover for MISS MORRISON’S SECOND CHANCE yet, but will post it as soon as I get it. However, here is the cover and blurb for MURDER IN DEATH’S WAITING ROOM.


A lady of a certain age, Flora Melkiot is not happy. After only a little traffic accident in which she broke her wrist, her painfully conventional daughter has transported her from her luxury Dallas home to a nursing home in San Antonio and, disliking her mother’s eccentric lifestyle, obtained a court order to make sure she stays there. Wanting nothing more than to return home, Flora is scheming to get the order overthrown when an extremely unpleasant patient is brutally murdered, turning Flora’s mind from thoughts of escape to the desire to catch the killer. Another patient is killed and yet another brutally assaulted before Flora begins to deduce the reasons behind the murders. The only question is will she find the necessary proof before she herself becomes a victim?