New Releases!


New Releases!


Hello! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I really do promise I’m going to be better! Since 2020 is at last over, maybe this year I’ll actually be able to do it.

Like so many others I was kind of out of it in 2020 – released one romance novella (CASTLE IN THE CLOUDS) and participated in a couple of anthologies, mainly Regency and contemporary Halloween. Let’s face it – my spirit animal (the sloth) just took over last year.

2021 is going to be different. I not only already have 3 contracts for various genre novellas, I am going to release 5 novels that have been lying – edited, formatted and ready to go except for covers (which I intend to remedy) – metaphorically on my desk.

And I’m starting now, with a double release!

ROMANCE AT SPANISH ROCK is a contemporary Western romance written under my ‘romance’ name of Janis Susan May. Set in the ruggedly beautiful Palo Duro Canyon, it tells the story of trendy Los Angeles photographer Jeri Abbott who inherits her unknown father’s ranch. She has no memory of it, though she lived there as a toddler, but the magic of the place seeps into her soul. The handsome cowboy from the adjoining ranch has nothing to do with her growing love for the country… yeah, you really believe that, don’t you? Of course, there are complications, a jealous wanna-be girlfriend, a determined and scornful mother, the dangling lure of a great deal of money if she sells the ranch, an inconvenient snowstorm…

A WELL MANNERED MURDER is a contemporary traditional cozy mystery written under my ‘mystery’ name of Janis Patterson. It’s set in modern day Dallas, where soon-to-be-divorced and middle-aged Mindy McMann is working as a researcher for a famous non-fiction writer. As her cheating husband tries to get her to forget his infidelities and return to him, her teen-aged son tries to make peace between his parents and her author employer demand more and more, Mindy spends her days in the basement storage of a small, exclusive college going through the archives of an old charm school that abruptly closed its doors in May, 1963. Things take a bizarre turn when Mindy discovers a woman in the archives who has been brutally attacked and later dies without regaining consciousness – and who resembles Mindy closely. There’s a suspicious new chief of security at the college, a flashy head librarian who resembles a color-mad peacock and a hovering, overprotective mother who never ceases trying to get Mindy to move back home. Then the connection to the Kennedy assassination surfaces and it becomes doubtful whether Mindy will survive or not!

Both books are only $3.99 each as ebooks from Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. I hope you enjoy them both.

So – to each and every one of you I wish a safe, happy and prosperous New Year – after last year we deserve one! I’ll let you know when another release is ready to go!