Exquisite Christmas

ExquisiteChristmasCoverWho would have thought such a little thing could have had such horrible consequences?

Damaris pulled a shiny ornament from the box, then looked at it sadly. Of course the first one she pulled out would be one that she and Jeff had chosen together. A silly caricature of an idealized rural church, it had two stereotypical aged hillbillies with raggedy hats and plaid jackets standing hand in hand in front.

“That’ll be us,” Jeff had said. “Old and wrinkled and still in love.” Then he had kissed her.

A tear dropped and splashed on the thin glass. That had been just over a year ago and they had been planning their first Christmas in their new home. After living for years in an apartment they had unexpectedly found the perfect house while on their way to the lake. Jeff had called it a miracle, and it really seemed to be one when suddenly they owned the place within weeks.

Miracle? Damaris thought bitterly. More like a curse. Everything seemed to go wrong once they got into the house.

No. It wasn’t the house that was cursed, it was her.

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Inheritance of Shadows

Inheritance of Shadows RESIZEDAurora Mathis is coming home. Back to Merrywood, an estate she doesn’t remember. Back to the house in which her father died by his own hand. Back to where she witnessed his death.

Charles Mathis captivated millions of readers with a series of eerie fantasy novels before taking his own life when Aurora was just a toddler. Aurora tried to hide from his infamy but now she wants to learn about the man she never knew.

She agrees to attend a convention honoring her father’s work but on arrival is filled with a gnawing sense of unease and soon begins dreaming of the strange, inhuman beings who populated her father’s books. When she starts receiving odd gifts and seeing mysterious robed figures in the halls of Merrywood, Aurora worries she may be losing her mind.

As the days pass and the happenings around her turn from odd to dangerous, Aurora begins to wonder if the magical world her father created may not be completely fictional…


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Lure of the Mummy

Lure_O_Mummy RESIZEDBert Carmody can’t catch a break. As a hieroglyphs translator he’s actually quite good. However, being pudgy, balding and awkward, he’s always in the shadow of his young, charismatic coworkers.

Disillusioned and bitter, Bert spends his free time scouring the markets of Cairo hoping to find an unrecognized genuine artifact for the pittance a scholar can afford. His latest discovery is another piece of rubbish, just another animal mummy—one of literally millions of votive offerings from the ancients to one god or another.

Or is it?

Suddenly, things start looking up for Bert. But as he starts to get the recognition he deserves, there are deadly consequences for his coworkers. Will Bert finally be set for life, or will the lure of the mummy ruin him forever?


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Timeless Innocents

Timeless Innocents RESIZEDWhen Brianna Forte is made executor of the Clerkwells’ estate, she thinks it’ll be a simple task to catalogue and liquidate their assets. After all, they lived very modestly, their only apparent interest in life being a large collection of eerily lifelike little figurines called Timeless Innocents.

Exquisitely crafted yet somehow ominously creepy, the figurines are all different and made of some hard fleshlike material. When a parade of sinister characters turn up demanding she sell them the figures, Brianna begins to investigate their origin—and what she learns will change her life forever…


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Ebook : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/timeless-innocents-janis-susan-may/1109650418?ean=9781426896910


Ebook : https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/timeless-innocents-1

Autumn Newsletter

It’s been much too long since I wrote here, but believe me, life has been busy!   We spent almost all of September away. The first weekend we went up to Boston – and although the leaf color hadn’t started yet, it was still beautiful. New England is lovely, but…

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Dec 2014 Newsletter

Okay, it’s long past time, but I admit the old website needs a complete overhaul. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be done now! I’m swamped in both writing and publishing and so very happy to be so! I sold CURSE OF THE EXILE, a traditional Gothic romance set in Victorian-era…

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